The DarkLab


The DarkLab is an organic mixture of students, postdocs and professors, with a common goal to understand the nature of our Universe: in particular Dark Energy, Dark Matter. The DarkLab is a diverse group with a broad range of expertise in theory, observation and data mining with a common binding ideology. We strive to create a setting that fosters the free exchange of ideas, stimulating discussion toward the understanding of the beginning, the contents, the evolutions, and ultimately the fate of our Universe. We ultimately strive to answer the question of “why are we here?” . The mystery of the beginning, and the end of Universe instills a fundamental desire to understand from all of us and inspire a subtle emotional curiosity in mankind. It is our common vision to unveil these secrets of the Universe.


Shirley Ho wins the Outstanding Young Researcher Prize: Link

Let’s Welcome our new postdoc and students who joined DarkLab recently:  Siyu He (grad) and Anthony Pullen (McWilliams Fellow)


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Shirley Ho makes the news

One percent measurement of the Universe makes news splash:

AAS press conference

CMU press release

See a video of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey by American Museum of Natural History:

Sloan Digital Sky Survey Video